Inspired by the notebook

Inspired by the notebook - student project

This is probably my favourite notebook, so I thought it would be a good way to start.

I added in some additional Harry Potter items and things that look like they belong in the universe, as well as some items that I thought fit the colour scheme.

I did two different flatlays with roughly the same objects, and I enjoy the results I got.

My backdrop is actually my desk, but I think it really works well as a backdrop and follows the tips and "rules" taught in the class - luckily it's already right next to windows with thin drapes, allowing me soft natural light as recommended.


I tried to go for the square composition for the first picture, as I thought it would work well with the objects I had chosen to work with.

The box in the right bottom corner isn't actually out of focus, though it looks that way, it is a very old playing card box and therefore the print isn't clear and sharp anymore.

The wand is on the bottom of the runic card because it's actually a business card and have a store name, which I didn't want included in my flatlay.

Inspired by the notebook - image 1 - student project


In the second, I tried the stack composition, as it seemed like a good way to add in some more runes and get a more student desk/school work feel to the image.

While I like the book on runes to tie in the card with runic print, I'm not sure if I like the yellow on it together with the rest, as it doesn't really fit in with my colour scheme, though the rest of the book does.

Inspired by the notebook - image 2 - student project



I enjoyed this class, it gave some good explanations and had good visuals to explain the context.