Candy J.




Inspired by Nicole Miller's Spring 2014 beauty looks.

My name is Candy J. and I am for the most part a self taught artist. I always like to take advantage of learning new techniques which is why I took this class. 

I used the image above as a reference to my drawing. The image is from New York Fashion Week Spring 2014, under the Nicole Miller's collection. I am a huge fashion and beauty lover which is why I am a freelance Makeup Artist , Manicurist / Nail Art amongts many other things.

After searching for images on this collection I had to switch my reference's hair color to another models hair. The one and only Chloe Norgaard. Isn't it fun? =)

Although there is a lot of room for improvement I feel my biggest accomplishments with this drawing was using a lot more shading than harsh lines, the eye details and capturing the soft hair.

I wish I would of taken images in between my process, but I wasn't sure if I was going to upload anything at all.

Thank you Gabrielle. Your class was awesome and I hope you continue to teach. 


Candy J.

Instagram / Twitter: @CandyJx


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