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Alyssa Demirjian

Head of Creative & Original Programming



Inspired by Amy Sillman


With Thanksgiving soon, I picked a painting to match those warm colors and feelings. I recalled a lot of vivid color in an Amy Sillman show I saw a few years ago, so I researched online until I found this painting of hers I liked, Cliff 1 from 2005:

(via Saatchi Gallery here)

I'm drawn to what seems two distinct feelings in tension: hooded, faceless forms on the bottom left vs. bright flowers and animals in the top right.

Related inspiration words: orange, ochre, apricot, bittersweet, linear, tracks, balance, cliff, precipe, wind, dissolution, erosion, division, fabric, swathes, grains, pulling apart, drawn together.

There's a sense of this pulling and pushing away, and I'm looking forward to capturing that in my dish. Next up, shopping for seasonal ingredients. Can't wait.


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