Inspired by African figures

Inspired by African figures - student project

Ohn Mar - thank you for the response on using white gouache. I'm using it on another project. Here's a few more pots from recent days.

Inspired by African figures - image 1 - student project

Ohn Mar - I have a question. What did you use for the white paint when you mixed color? It looked like maybe gouache? or acrylic? 

Found lots of inspiration on pinterest for the African theme. It's amazing really. The class is great for showing exactly how to work quickly and in a fun way and not get too hung up.  Layering the ink over the watercolor shape is great because you can work really small and get detail if you want. I'm using a Sakura Pen-touch paint marker for white. Not sure, but the Uniball may be more opaque but my art supply store has been sold out for a while. Sakura is OK though.

Inspired by African figures - image 2 - student project