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Linda Coussement

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Inspired Process: big improvements for small businesses


About Inspired Process: is all about ensuring that your organisation operates at its fullest potential: from creating the vision to planning and shaping the organisation all the way to managing your performance and improving on a continuous basis.

I offer experience as a consultant and a trainer in the fields of Lean, project management, performance management, continuous improvement and change management and have done so in both multinationals, sustainable start-ups and yogastudio's. I also offer my personal empathic ability to only guide you in the direction where you want to take your business instead of putting my own opinions first.

My reason for being: I want to make a positive and lasting impact on companies that often struggle with the business side of things and sometimes don't have much time and money for expensive consultants. Also, I want to offer these entrepreneurs this knowledge and help them cut it down to size specifically for them; no dogma's or must-do's!

My products (so far): 

  • Blogs about business organisation and improvement written in an easy and accessible way
  • Online training on these topics (Continuous Improvement with Lean, Managing Daily Operations etc.). My current continuous improvement training costs $19 on Udemy has more than 1,5 hours of videocontent
  • Online coaching on specific topics
  • Real-life coaching and consulting

My mantra: authentic business improvement


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