Inspire my family by example

Today my daughter turned 18 months old.  It has gone by really fast and thanks to her continued growing and learning, I have been kept on my toes and active.  Also thanks to her pediatrician's advice, long-term breastfeeding has kept me leaner than I have been in many years while continuing to eat like a pig.  But I am aware that my daughter is watching and learning from my habits.  I have managed to cut out many bad habits over the years, however, two remain and I don't want her picking them up.  I am a homebody, generally one who likes to be on the sofa. (more reading than tv actually) and I generally love salty, fatty snacks.  Thanks to my husband, I am now loving sweets as well.  So the idea is to get more active and cut out most of the junk food.  I also typically have seconds at meals, and I would like to cut that out as well.  I have spent my whole life trying to be thinner.  But as of now, I get it.  Fitter is the way to go. And I want my daughter to get it too. 

So, my initial goals are:

To try some new activities and anything that can incorporate a toddler is best.  I have limited time away from work, and I want to spend every second I can with her. 

To cut down on junk food, if not out completely.  I don't want my daughter learning poor eating habits from me. I want to teach her that healthy food is delicious and that portion sizes should be appropriate.

To fit into some really smoking outfits sold in Madrid.  I'm tired of always wondering if I can squeeze myself into an XL.  Most things in Madrid don't even HAVE an XL size.  Now, I don't really have the cash for this one, but I'd be willing to save for a couple of really hot outfits to show off my leaner, fitter body. 

If I meet these goals, from not buying the junk food, I'll have the cash to buy the clothes for the next year.

Here's hoping!


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