Inspirations/Self Inventory

Inspirations/Self Inventory - student project

I found this to be very difficult. I have quite a few illustrators I love, most of them more naive style, but I learned over the past few months that style is hard for me as much as I love it. I’m never happy with what I make and get frustrated that i can’t make it look effortless like my idols. The pieces I’ve made that I’m most proud of have been more realistic so I’m trying to find illustrators who leans towards that. Inspirations/Self Inventory - image 1 - student project
Inspirations/Self Inventory - image 2 - student project

These are the illustrations I’m most proud of and feel great about. This exercised showed me that I haven’t made something I love in a VERY long time. These are older pieces and most of my recent stuff has been commissions. As you can see from my inventory, I love making reflections and to make more realistic images. I should explore the way I did the brush more because that gives me some Ana Hard vibesInspirations/Self Inventory - image 3 - student project

Sarah Clark
Illustrator and aspiring writer