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Inspirational quote

Hey everyone,

I've chosen this class because I haven't had a lot of experience with typography, especially drawing it from scratch!

I have started by doing some research and identifying what I want to achieve out of this project. I want to use  an inspirational quote and make it into a design that is eye-catching and authentic. 

Below this introduction I will post my progress, please feel free to leave any comments=)

1.) Below are some of my notes and research

After finding some examples that I like, I made a few brief notes on which particular elements catch my eye and how they work well in the design.

2.) I did some quick concept sketches., working more on the placement of each word. I haven't decided which quote I want to use yet, so I played around with a few different ones. Now I just need to choose 1 concept and build on it from here, by adding more detail to each word and finding the layout that works best.


3.) The below image is the scanned drawing of my design in Photoshop. There is still many things I am not happy with, but I'm sure they can be fixed once in Illustrator. 

4.) Now in Illustrator, my design has been traced and expanded. I found that the "inked drawing' trace option worked best for mine, as it produced the best outlines. I am now working on getting a bit more uniformity throughout each word, I find that using the guides is the easiest way to help me do this. Still a work in progress...

5.) When I was happy with all of the outlines I applied a colour palette and some subtle effects.

After some feedback and taking a few days away from the design, I have made some minor alterations. The words 'the' and 'develop' looked a bit out of place, so I have worked on these. I have also taken away the grunge effect on the negatives, as I think it tends to draw the eye to this area.



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