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Inspirational constants: 5 moments from my daily continuum




For me, fuel is the gathering of energy I need to acomplish a task. Food, especially healthy food, is fuel I use for many things. The main task being to stay alive, I also use healthy food to fuel my ideas for my work with plants and to fuel creative solutions for dinner with my picky, allergy ridden family members. On the more disgusting side of things my food eventually fuels my waste of water, paper products, and pollution which are things I am attempting to minimize in the future.  

Day Job


I'm an artist. I photograph, paint and sculpt besides doing all the behind the scenes maintenece stuff for the biz side of things. Today is a maintainece day so I'm working on my website for the 2016 year. On a different day my day job could involve anything from raising my children to handcarving wood but this is today.

7 o'clock


Originally I wanted to share my 7 o'clock in the morning because that's when my husband normally comes home from work. But alas, he is off today. SO instead you get to see my 7 o'clock in the evening or 1900hrs for you 24 hour clock people. Here, you get to see my husabnd sleeping next to our 2 month old who is NOT sleeping. /sigh I really wanted to do nothing more at this moment then snuggle with the two of them but as we have two other children I will have to wait for another opportunity.



Sorry for the computer screen lines again but I don't know how to screen shot my phone. Anywho, since I don't drive to work my commute is walking from my bedroom to my office and back again. Most days I manage to do that about 7,400 times or 3.1 miles or completing a 5K but today was a lazy day.



For me, home is where I most feel like myself and that is when I'm in a creative state of mind. As you can see my creative self is a bit messy but I always have space for the essentials. SO in case you can't see it all here's a run down of what's in the picture besides papers and dust bunnies.

sketch book, pencil, blue mug of tasty beverage, clear bottle of self filtering water, Starbucks reusable cup, FitBit wristband (the piece was charging), wacom w/mouse, Nikon AW1, various rechargable batteries of varying sizes, and my baby (computer) showcasing images of my newly born baby (awwww)

Well that's about it. This was more of a homebody day. I promise I don't create sculptures or paintings in front of my computer or only commute around my house. However, this was my today and I hope you enjoyed it enough to possibly stick around for my tomorrows. I'd love to see yours. :D


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