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Inspirational Sports Accessory Brand

We take the very essence of sport as our inspiration. We beleive that sport can uleash your inner ability. Everyone has the ability to do somehting great. 

The motto of our brand is this..

We are passionate about three very crucial values that come from sport and have used them to create a brand that will be aspirational. It will create a lifestlye that a community will want to belong to.

We call it KALYBR

We want our community to be motivated, whether on the field or off and the key ingredients behind this brand are:

Energy: It’s a constant rhythm that beats through us all to do well, and be the best at anything we do. It’s the inner liveliness in us to do extraordinary things. 

Performance: It is an attribute that defines us. We are absolutely confident that whatever we face, we will be able to perform to the best of our abilities. This is instilled in every facet of our brand and embedded in our customers

Spirited: Through body, mind and soul, our being feels positive whatever the position.

Our initial line of products will be luxury sports lifestle accessories. The first line will comprise iphone cases, headphones, messenger bags and speakers.


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