Serdar A.

Graphic Design Student



Inspirational Exercises

Hi, I'm Serdar from Turkey :)


Yes, this is me without looking paper :)

I love banana too, so this is my acrylic banana trying. (Chunky media drawing)


White areas suprised me. They are better than I have imagined.

I live in big city Ankara in Turkey so I couldn't find any organic artifact like wood everywhere is concrete so I use a part of my old stuff. 


(Just touching no looking.)

This bottom image in my drawing course I was tried subtracitive drawing exercise with 6B pencil and eraser.


Brushed media exercise.


Next one is natural media drawing. Not exactly but kind of natural. These are our dead turtle aquarium stones.


Yes it is (left bottom) Turkish Coffie. When I drinking it I want to try its coffee residue on my zombie drawing. But it didn't be which I was expected it also ruins my watercolor brush :/


After all of this I see Ryan's selfportrait and it inspires me. I illustrate myself. May be I will work on it.


I want to continue mixing things but this is enough for now.

Ofcourse I share my works in my instagram. My friends thinks that these are cool yes because our instractor is cool.

This course was great. Thank you Ryan. Thank you for this illustration style journey. :)


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