Inspiration for Career and Lifestyle

Inspiration for Career and Lifestyle - student project

Thanks so much for this course Ohn Mar. It came at a perfect time and has been so helpful in finding some clarity and direction. 

My background includes starting out in the props department for film, moving from Australia to London where I worked as a video editor and then spent the next ten years in Visual Effects for film. After taking a year out to travel through India, Asia, South America and Canada, I enrolled in a Masters in Children's Book Illustration. 

When I had my two children, I stopped work altogether and focused on picture book ideas. It's an area I love but I have lost my way with it and have recently been looking for a new direction. 

Due to some ongoing health concerns I had a serious rethink and have been focusing on achieving a better work life balance. I have also spent a lot of my time changing the way I eat, developing and cooking new recipes and reading about the benefits of culinary medicine. Food has become a new focus area and I have recently found myself following more and more artists who illustrate food based artwork.

I am drawn to images that tell a story, create a strong mood or really give a sense of place. I would love to combine my interests in food, travel and storytelling. I'm not quite sure what that will entail yet, possibly illustrating recipes or creating editorial style illustrations. I tried out some paper collages last year as a distraction when I wasn't well and I enjoyed the painted textures and detailed snipping. I also really like using a combination of gouache and coloured pencil, with some finishing in photoshop. I am now excited to stop staring at a blank page and start trying out some new work!

Thanks again for such an informative course,



Inspiration for Career and Lifestyle - image 1 - student project 

Inspiration for Career and Lifestyle - image 2 - student project