Inspiration board

Inspiration board - student project

Hello there!,

I am in that stage where I struggle to know what I like to focus in my photography. I have tried stills, portraits, events and weddings. Even asked myself many times, which one I love most: graphic design or photography? After 7 months after graduating university, I realised that photography is winning! HOORAY!  By creating this inspiration board and after browsing a lot of amazing photography on Instagram, I finally figured out what I really enjoy working on and what style I love.

I really enjoyed creating this inspiration board; and really helped me open my eyes more to find what I want to see through my lens. FYI, these images are not mine, I do not intend to recreate them nevertheless its just my inspiration!

Alright, I decided to exercise my skills towards food styling, lifestyle and newborn photography with a clean and classic or light and filmy tone. Sometimes, clients might need some sort of different mood for their brands so I will try to also create a few variety. I can see in these images that its clean, neutral white balance, muted and pastel colours. I am not sure if this leads towards clean and classic or light and filmy. I think maybe light and filmy, not too sure, hopefully you get the idea ;) All in all, I just love a little warm, soft tones, minimal colour and very soft shadows. If I am to build my own branding for my Instagram this would be the mood I will be going for.

I can't wait to try putting this into reality!


Inspiration board - image 1 - student project

Ana Samaniego
Lifestyle photographer