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Rough sketch:

My fiancee and I are taking this class as a response to our love for sneakers and our love for the streetwear culture. Considering that we are getting married very soon and I have been staring at loads of inspiration pieces of our wedding theme (Mad Men / 1960's in case you were all wondering), you can say that this concept is a culmination of our theme and a couple of my favorite sneakers: Air Max 1, Air Jordan XI, and the Nike Roshe Run.

The target audience for this shoe would have to be a group that enjoys a minimalist design incorporated with a classic look. The idea behind this sneaker is a throwback to the blazers/ jackets of the 1950s - 1960s that were primarily tweed and had leather patches on them; most kids would call this a grandpa jacket, but I call it a classic. Utilizing materials such as tweed, leather, and suede, the shoe allows the consumer to wear it at any time of day. Dress it up or dress it down, the look will always remain classic.