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Inspiration Network

Inspiration Network

Sometimes you feel unmotivated. Beaten. Hopeless.

Inspiration is always just a motivational book, or inspirational YouTube video, away. But the inspirational was kept personal. You'd personally get inspired, and all you could do to help an unmotivated friend is to encourage them to read a motivational book or watch an inspirational video.

Why not make inspiration... social?

Some people do. We live in an era where information travels at the speed of light. People share motivational quotes in image form on their Facebook timelines. But, on Facebook, some posts can be positive, and some negative, and discouraging. Don't believe me? Even if you have 5,000 of the most positive, inspirational people on your Facebook friends list, you'll find negativity in your newsfeed. 

Why not filter all that negativity out?

Inspiration Network is a social network that willl feed you with the positive mindset required to achieve great things. 

It's a common belief that, in order to be encouraged, you must first encourage. What if it's true?

Then you should encourage as many people as you can, in order to get the maximum encouragement. 

Simply upload an inspirational picture. It gets sent to your friends. They see it, get inspired, and share it with their friends. 

If you share with ten friends who share with ten of their friends who share with ten of their friends... Your one small action has inspired 1,000 people.

Create ripples of positivity in your social network.

The app: (in progress)


Inspiration Network

Inspire Great Things


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