Inspiration In My Daughter's Eyes + Mood Board + New Photos

I believe that this shot that I caught of my daughter Naomi is the shot that taught me how to become the type of photographer I truly want to be. What I mean by that is I spent the entire day posing her and telling her what to do and how to look because I was trying to capture the "perfect picture" instead of allowing her to just be herself and capturing the "perfect moment." When I got home and went through all of her "staged photos" they were alright but this one shot that I caught at the end of the day when I allowed her to just be herself is the one that stood out the most to me. I remember asking her when I took this picture "what are you doing? what are you reaching for?" and she didn't know, my baby girl was just being a 6 year old and that's the beauty of the picture to me. Everytime I see this picture it just reminds me that I want to be the kind of photographer who not only captures the perfect picture but the perfect moment. Check out my site at

Mood Board

My mood board is based on some of the musicians that inspires me because at the end of the day, no matter what I’m doing (music, photography, directing or writing) I want my work to inspire others. And when I hit a creative wall, these artists on this board are some of the people who always get my creative juices flowing again. Whether it’s Dilla on his MPC, Primo on the 1’s & 2’s, Saadiq with his bass, or Lenny with his guitar, each one of these shots shows them with the tools of their trade that they need to keep making music…to keep inspiring me….to keep doing what I’m doing…to prayerfully inspire others.

My 6 Images

My mood board was based on some of the people that inspire me to continue to be creative so I wanted my shots to be based off things that inspire other people and the things they love to do. I have a photo series I do called “For The Love” which focuses on just that, so since I wasn’t able to hit the streets this week to get any new shots because of deadlines I had at work, here are 6 pictures that I think are really dope shots of people that simply say or show “love.”

This is a shot I caught of my homegirl Dayna on her wedding day when she was coming out of the church right after the ceremony. I highlighted her in color and made everyone else black and white to help show that the day was ALL about her and her husband and no one else.

This is a shot I caught of a father and son at Occupy D.C. from 2011. No need to go into how much you had to love the “occupy” cause to protest the way people did but I love this shot because even in the midst of a protest, I still find time to spend time with my son.

I caught this picture of my brother Ev diggin' through records at his crib in Harlem.

This is a shot I caught of my little sister Lisa and her son Jameson at my mom’s house in Philly. Lisa sacrifices SO much to make sure Jameson is taken care of and to me this photo shows that. Lisa was so tired this day from working a double shift that she was actually falling asleep while Jameson was wide awake. I love this shot so much because to me it shows the love and sacrifice of a parent. I work hard, so you can live.

This is a shot I caught of my barber Bey doing what he loves...

My heart...

My Portraits


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