Inspiration. Hate. Want. Fear. Freestyle.

Inspiration. Hate. Want. Fear. Freestyle. - student project

Inspiration. Hate. Want. Fear. Freestyle. - image 1 - student project


Alice in Wonderland is my favorite collection of books. I am captivated by the how free and unique the characters, the world, and the story is. There are no rules, there are no limits and what may seem strange and unusual about it is absolutely beautiful to me. This is something I drew to express my love for the world of Alice and Wonderland.


Inspiration. Hate. Want. Fear. Freestyle. - image 2 - student project


At first, I was reluctant to try this exercise out. However, once I started I found it to be very releasing for me! I slept all the way through the night and woke up less (still experienced night terrors) often. I did mess up on choosing the color for the girl (depicted as me) in the middle; as you can see, her arm and hair color blended together and now I would understand if someone can't quite tell what it's supposed to look like. Hopefully, this explanation helps give a good visual. 


Inspiration. Hate. Want. Fear. Freestyle. - image 3 - student project


I really LOVED this exercise. Of all these things, the most important to me right now is to have a baby (fingers crossed to have a boy), I already have a precious daughter. But we want our family to grow and having a baby boy is my biggest want. I also want to finish writing my first book and get it published! Ever since I was in the fourth grade I have always wanted to live in Japan (even if it is just for a year or two). Finally, I want to be able to do American Sign Language fluently. I am not deaf or hard of hearing but I feel as though it's a wonderful thing to learn in support of the deaf community. I don't think enough people are deaf aware and I think it's fun to learn.


Inspiration. Hate. Want. Fear. Freestyle. - image 4 - student projectInspiration. Hate. Want. Fear. Freestyle. - image 5 - student project 


This subject was very hard for me to jump into. It was easy for me to pick a few things that I hate; as there are only a few things I truly hate. But, portraying these things were what made it hard for me to start. Nonetheless, I finally built up the courage to delve into it. 1 Lack or loss of Motivation...I hate when I don't feel like engaging in hobbies and activities that I love to do for sometimes reasons that I don't always understand. 2 Wickedness...I hate wickedness and everything that comes with it. I hate that it's everywhere and covers the earth like a dark blanket around the globe, I hate that all sorts of people have to suffer in different ways everyday because of it. 3 Night Terrors...this one is a bit personal. I deal with night terrors on a nightly basis and wake up often throughout the night due to multiple realistic, traumatic and often absolutely horrifying nightmares. I hate that I am subjected to these nightmares and I hate that it effects my, and sometimes my husbands quality and quantity amount of sleep.


Inspiration. Hate. Want. Fear. Freestyle. - image 6 - student project 


I was really excited to get started with my first project here on "What Inspires you?" art. However, once I got into it, I strangely started to feel very sad (which is contrary to what I thought I would feel). After some thought, I realized the sadness I was feeling was merely feelings of bitter-sweetness. My husband recently left for military training and will be gone for a few months. It has been really tough not having him home with us. But, I know he will be back soon and he will have gotten the training he wants and needs to get ahead in his career. Our little family is everything to me. My husband and my daughter are my inspiration to be a better version of myself everyday. We help each other grow and work as a team to build each other up! Thank you Jordan Sondler for this self-inspirational lesson!