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Donalee Kennedy

Artist, Designer, Quilt maker



Inspiration Design Board


My plan was to "whip" out a design board for a fabric collection I'm working on, and Meg Lewis makes it look so easy. In all truth, it took me three and a half days of pretty serious concentration.  I loved combining what I learned in this class along with classes from others instructors including Tom Froese and Bonnie Christine here on skillshare.  

For inpiration I looked through hundreds of images from various art projects I've done recently. My design board is to help me learn the software.   Most of the images are from my own portfolio, including watercolor painting, pen and ink, block printing, photography, painting on silk and sewing.

I learned so much, I went ahead and watched all of Meg's classes so I'm immersed!  I've used Photo Shop for over 10 years, but I've learned so many tips and tricks that are a huge help, and I'm grateful to have increased my love of Adobe! 

Original Photo of Orchid 


After I masked the background I used the paint brush to outline the general shape of the orchid, then I used that image to add layers to create the all over pattern changing size and directions. This image is saved as a png, so I can just change the background colors as desired.  I'm pretty happy with this technique for a starting point. I want to get a touch pad so my lines would have more or a painterly feel. 


I really enjoyed playing with a little pen and ink to create some interesting textures.... here is my original journal page. This is just a goofy miss mash, but I pulled out one area that worked well. I used the pen tool in path mode to select just the section I wanted to use here.  


Here is the carving in it's original state.  I love carving!  After creating a composition by stamping the induvidual stamp all over a page in my 9"x12" journal, I scanned it in my computer so it has that hand stamped look, but I used the "patch" tool to clean up a few too many white spots... wow what a fabulous tool!  Then I created an additional layer and added brush strokes of fun colors from my palette to liven it up.  I'm very happy witht he finished piece, and I plan to develop this technique further.    




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