Henry Santos

Animator + Designer + Educator



Inspiration Board

Here is my inspiration board on Pinterest...

At this point, I just did a brain dump into my inspiration board! I have a number of story lines and will whittle out the weaker ones. I'm leaning toward a highly functional design that doesn't look like a circus billboard. My designs will lean to more functional, but needs to possess clean lines, high quality materials and technological advances. I also like to expose the structure.

My initial sketches in the board is very rough and not really thought out. I need to whip out more. I want to push beyond the limits of functional design and then pull back with a focus on style. Striving for a balance.

My target audience is the cross fit/tough mudder type who wants a durable, lightweight and flexible shoe that looks good. Style is very important to me even though it may not be to the practical athlete.


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