Inspiration + Audience

Inspiration + Audience - student project

Sorry for the lateness work has been a little nuts.

1. My inspiration for this shoe is to pay homage to my hometown area of Detroit, MI and my late father. He worked in the steel mills for 41 years. I see this is my head as a high performance basketball shoe with a bright orange outsole. The counter panel will also be a blazing orange that will fade into a speckle finally resting on a dark silver color on the quarter panel representing the forging of steel. The shoe would have a full air unit but not totally visible. It would have small port holes along the side. the bottom of the outsole would also have the quote ""Speramus Meliora, Resurget Cinebrus."" Latin for ""We hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes""

2. My target audience is anyone who loves to play the game of basketball or likes shoes that stick out. I would like these to be a high performance shoe but not at a high price, similar to the KD IV. Being that I have spent many years in Detroit I know what blue collar families are like and would like them to be able to give younger people something of premium quality.

3. Sorry for the delay but my sketches will be up soon!

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