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Cam McCarty

Founder of InspirAtryx Clothing Company



InspirAtryx - "Inspire The World"

NAME: Cam McCarty 

Location: Terre Haute, Indiana US


InspirAtryx is a brand that stand for constantly moving up, taking chances necessary to propel yourself towards your goals, and most importantly following your dreams. No matter how far up you are, you are always striving to progress to the next level; Keep moving up and don't stop grinding until you reach the top. Furthermore, another thing that we at InspirAtryx stand for and promote is Positive Energy. We believe that you should rid yourself of all negative energy in your everyday life, transform the negativity around you to positive energy, and proceed to use that newfound positive energy towards pursing your dream and being passionate about the chase itself.  We had many huge inspirations in creating our brand. In following our dreams of creating a successful & prominent brand, we hope to inspire others to follow their own dreams, and in turn, for that person to inspire another. We see this as a chain of inspiration, a "Pay It Forward" situation if you will.

Name Make-Up:

The name InspirAtryx, pronounced (IN-SPUR-AYY-TRICKS) is a combination of two words to create a meaning that completely encompasses what our brand is and what it stands for. 

Inspiration- An inspiring or animating action or infulence.

Matrix- Something that originates another

Inspiration + Matrix = An inspiring or animating action or influence that originates another.

Slogan/Mission Statement:

Our Slogan at InspirAtryx is "Inspire The World". We are not only producing clean designs and concepts into the clothing market, but we are also working with a cause. As it was stated in the meaning above, our brand stands for INSPIRING others by succeeding in creating and building our company and for those people to inspire someone else. If we can get everyone that supports our brand and our cause to go out, chase their dreams, and inspire someone else, we are on the right track to inspiring the world.

INSPIRATRYX all over the world:




The "icon" of the Feather is simple yet full of meaning and really makes a strong connection with our brand. This is very new to InspirAtryx which is why you wont see it on the items from past collections. When we first enrolled in this class, we had a very different and very complex logo. After taking some constructive critisism we decided to create a new icon that was much easier to understand and much easier for the consumers to relay to one-another. The meaning behind the feather is that a feather is the one thing that unites ALL birds which enables them to fly. Just as InspirAtryx is one brand that unites ALL dreamers which enables and even encourages them to follow and achieve their true dreams. 


Mocked up images: 




CAD Images:

Launchsite Logo Tee

Home Team Indiana Tee: 

Original Logo Tee:

About the Founder "Cam McCarty": 

This section is dedicated to myself explaining to you a little bit about WHY InspirAtryx Clothing Company was founded. This information is a huge part of the message that InspirAtryx sends. InspirAtryx is a brand that i gained the courage to start after an extremely difficult time in my life. I was diagnosed with kidney failure at the age of 18 in the winter of 2011. After many extensive meetings with many different doctors and after I was approved to receive a kidney transplant, one doctor in particular insisted that we set up a one on one meeting with just him and I to simply "talk". I couldn't have been more relieved and overwhelmed with happiness to hear that my mother was a confirmed match and was going to be able to provide me with a longer and healthier life. When I arrived to the meeting with my surgeon there was no conversation about the status of my medical condition at the time, but more about my future. When I entered the room with the surgeon his first question he asked me was what I was attending school to do with my life. I quickly responded, "I'm studying politcal science to be a lawyer"; he then asked me if that was what i truly wanted to do with my life. Before I had any time to answer his question he told me with an abundance of emotion that life is simply too short to do anything other than what I want to do, and that especially in the situation I was in that I should do whatever it takes to follow my dreams and do what I love. After I had explained to him the concept of rough draft of "InspirAtryx" from my head he could tell that it was what I was passionate about and what I loved. He loved the idea and couldnt relay enough how badly I should chase that dream. He told me that, "If it is your true passion and it's what you love to do, you'll love every single minute of work you put into it." He could've never been more correct. He gave me the initial courage to chase my dream.

This was the birth of INSPIRATRYX

Charity Connection: 

We at InspirAtryx believe that every single person can and should be able to follow their dreams. That is why with every sale made from 5% of the sale is donated to a National Children's Charity. We do this to enable children to follow their dreams by helping them gain the resources and opportunities necessary to do so! Live your dream, and help others live thiers with InspirAtryx!



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