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An Environmental Change

I haven't spent a lot of time with Sublime Text, so it's great seeing other peoples workflows to get a sense of how they use it and how it might compare to applications I am currently using. It looks like an excellent editor with some powerful features—Maybe I should give it another look!

However, I stubbornly hung on to TextMate until TextMate 2 became stable enough to use on a daily basis and have been fairly satisfied with its progress to date. I found I outgrew the official PDE quickly [ with its lack of line numbers and bracket completition, etc ] and had already started developing Processing sketches in TextMate thanks to Trevor Sayre's Processing bundle. It seemed natural to embrace HYPE development too!

Using TextMate 2

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a bundle to add support for the HYPE Framework, so I began working on one myself—I mean how hard could that be, right? Why just learn about HYPE when you could also learn about ruby, the terminal, bundle development and GitHub! It turns out it's a great way of exploring the HYPE specific syntax and testing different chaining configurations.

It is by no means feature complete, but it can now create a project folder complete with a build folder, build.pde and a copy of the HYPE Framework from GitHub to get you up and sketching quickly.

If you use TextMate, I would love some feedback.


Wednesday 9th October, 2013

Started working with HLayout to create some basic compositions using simple shapes [ HEllipse ]. Really enjoy the serendipitous overlaps that form new and different shapes. I wonder what other colour blending modes are available..


Thursday 10th October, 2013

Discovered HFollow yesterday and combined it with HDrawablePool to create a fun little interactive sketch.


Monday 21st October, 2013


Thursday 24th October, 2013


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