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Insight Mapping 101 - Make the Most of Your Experience

UPDATE:  Class was published on 1/30/2016. 


Most of what we learn, we learn by doing, we learn from experience.  Skillshare has embraced that approach to "learning by doing" and is therefore the perfect platform for what I am hoping to accomplish.  My plan is to develop a SIMPLE class to give learners a sense of how "Insight Mapping" can help them optimize the learning experience, regardless of the topic.  I capitalized SIMPLE because that will be my primary challenge.   Experts are often not the best people to teach the basics of a skill (it's called the curse of knowledge).  I consider myself an expert "insight mapper" and my challenge will be to think like a beginner again so that I can share the skills with others.

An insight map is a concept map focused on describing and reflecting upon an experience to elicit and document key lessons or insights.  A concept map is a visual representation of your thoughts and ideas. It's a little different from a mind map.


After developing one version of the class that was bugging me because it was too complex, I think I now have a version that will work as a good introduction, hence the appropriate title "Insight Mapping 101", which also suggests there will be a level 201 and beyond.

There are a couple of ideas that emerged during the first iteration that I will recycle.  I may not be using them now but they are still good for future classes.

I also made progress on the planning for marketing purposes and having hinted to the availability of this class by early February in a number of my networks, I now have no choice but to complete it.  I was also able to ascertain that there is a demand for it, which is very encouraging.

Update:  1/25/2016

Being snowed in helped focus (or obsess, depending on how I look at it).  Never managed to be satisfied with the talking head part of my intro and my equipment started to give me dificulties so I took it out. Will try again in future classes, but seeing me talk doesn't add much at all.  

Intro video posted and embedded below.  

I launched on 12/31 (last Saturday), did all the marketing in successive steps, and something pretty big happened today in terms of volume of visits.  Between yesterday and today, 10 people enrolled, bringing my total number of students to 25.


That was a big milestone.  Next I really want to see more projects and I'm starting to design the follow up class. 


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