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Insight Mapping 101 - A First Time Skillshare Teacher's Experience

Insight Mapping 101 - Make the Most of Your Experience (published 1/30/2016)

Some insights gathered throughout the process

  • It took me about 2 months from concept to publishing.  I don't know what the average is but it feels right.  I spent a lot of time fiddling with details that may or may not have a great deal of impact on the final quality of the product.  I learned A TON.  It should not take as long to create my second class and beyond.

  • I knew the video production and editing was going to be the most difficult part for me and I seemed to be in a rush to start it.  In retrospect, I might have wasted less time and effort by taking a little more time upfront to test things out.  For a first time class, this may be somewhat unavoidable. You don't know what the problems are going to be until you try something and problems pop up.  I eventually gave up on the short talking head piece I had planned.  I will try again. It's mostly a problem of comfort and confidence in front of the camera.

  • All the support materials, courses, workshops provided by Skillshare have been excellent, extremely useful.  DO NOT publish your class without taking the skillshare class marketing course first.  There were other classes on Skillshare that I took at the same time that were useful, not only in giving me a sense of the range of classes, formats, approaches on Skillshare, but also in giving me ideas for marketing the class AND a better understanding of the Skillshare platform and primary target audience.  In other words, to teach a Skillshare class, start by taking a lot of Skillshare classes as a student and see what works and what doesn't.


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