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Inside the Hidden Garden- a place of calm

I love Plants and love to grow them, some of my plants ar over 25 yrs old. I chat to them and they are a big part of my life. I get excited when buds grow new leaves appear. this time of year nature is waking up and this excits me. I live in a highrise on the 13th floor and have a small balcony, its my haven and by the hight of summer it will be jam packed with plants and flowers.

This is my sitting room, I have loads of inspiration all around me. I draw plants and flowers a lot. so for this assignment i have decided to look at leaves and create  designs inspired by them. 

I take photos all the time of my plants and other peoples. I have created a mood wall, with photos I have taken and bits and pieces I have collected. I love 18th and 19th century textiles and recently visited William Morris House... Now its time to sketch and draw :) Bliss

Had a great morning sketching, really enjoying this brief, just keep thinking big leaves and pods. inspired by the photos of my friends fig tree. 

Had a wonderful Mothers Day weekend, loads of inspiration for this project. Flowers everywhere,I took these photos in a supermarkets and have desided, to make some colour palettes from them.

Also I took some photos of individual leaves and stems of leaves.

I have really enjoyed myself, some more motif ideas.

I really like the spring fig leaves I drew the other day and have been drawing them a lot. I am currently working on a daily drawing challenge for 2015 and for Day 74 I painted this and really excited about using some of the elements in my final design.

Now I am ready to start :)

Oh wow, I have been having so much fun, I have changed colour ideas and still not quite finshed.


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