Inside me

Inside me - student project


Inside me - image 1 - student project

I truly thought I didn't have hate in me, but while doing this exercise I realise hate isn't just a feeling you have in people, but in small things too. And from then I just found it so easy to put it in a paper. 



Inside me - image 2 - student project

This one was a little bit more challenging to me. My sister arrived when I was doing this exercise and we were having a drink so that one was easy. But for the other three blank took me some weeks to finish it. So I just sit down and put a mental list of thinks I like and things I would really like to happen. So here it is (:



Inside me - image 3 - student project

This exercise was a bit emotional. I was just staring at the blank space and, truly, my hand just did it by itself. I didn't put any words because I felt it personal and I didn't want anyone else to see it and understand. But my biggest fear is to be alone. And the funny thing about this is that I actually enjoy a lot being alone in my apartment. Quite contradictory, but yeah...

Also, to not be able to find love (27 years and I have never fall in love, yet). I put a small heart in the corner, very far form my reach. 


This was a great exercise. Love it so much <3