Inside Out: my first drawing EVER

Inside Out: my first drawing EVER - student project

i'm 48 years old and am finally sitting down to learn ART. Charles's course for designing characters and their interior space was BRILLIANT. fun, whimsical and allowed a free-flowing creative process. before today i was terrified of drawing, so i thought i would watch the series and then maybe eventually think about doing the exercise, ya know, some other time. but after watching just the first part video i was so excited i got my sketchbook... i couldn't wait to start drawing!

i went on to outline it in black and then filled in a bit with gel coloring pens but i think i like the pencil drawing the best. can't wait for my watercolors to arrive but until then i'm going to keep drawing!  thank you for making this a fun and accessible concept. i look forward to doing a lot more and refining skills with time.


PS: this little guy is a magical duck-quail with bear legs. just in case it wasn't clear, ha!


Inside Out: my first drawing EVER - image 1 - student projectInside Out: my first drawing EVER - image 2 - student project