Inserting the unexpected


The waiting room was like every waiting room she had ever been: grey walls, grey floors, grey seats, a white ceiling. The only colour in the room came from the green posters on the walls, but she was utterly uninterested in looking closer and seeing what’s written on there. It even smelled the same.

She couldn’t remember how she’d ended up here. The last thing she remembered was walking outside. The sun was touching her skin, Tomi’s sweet whispers dancing into her ear, and joy jumping into her body.

The door suddenly opened, and a scream left her lips. A woman had walked in. Or at least she assumed it was a woman. The creature looked human enough- dark skin, walking on two legs, arms and everything else associated with the human form. The unusual came from the grew rose that was there in place of her right eye, thorns coming out from her neck, her skin emitted a soft green glow.

‘’I assume you’re Victoria Emezi.’’ Her tone was soft and gentle. Friendly even However, it didn’t give her the strength to speak again. So she only nodded.

‘’Good.’’ The woman clapped her eyes. ‘’My names Rio and I am here to tell you that you’ve passed away.’’