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Insert interesting title

1. Initial Brainstorm

Here is my initial brainstorm here. Just basically had a brain dump of a whole bunch of movie,visual,story/theme ideas and memories that I find exciting and fascinating. I have also included some visuals that I like.

Movie Reference
Life Aquatic / any Wes Andersen films
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
Starting sequence of Pixar’s ‘Up’ 
Iron Giant
2001 Space odyssey 
Invader Zim 
Enter the Void
David Lanham -

Visual Ideas
The deep sea
Half above water and half underwater shots 
Cargo ships in rough seas
Ghettos of a futuristic city
Living conditions based on over-population - life under the sea/air etc
Aqua blue water and the lime green of sea grass
Sea Horses
Diving under a wave and looking back at it 
16bit game style - double dragon,super mario etc
The world filmed from the ground e.g bugs life
Storms out at sea
Water ponds on a reef

 Story/Theme Ideas
Your old self in the head of your younger self - how you would deal with your past with what you now knowLiving in a world of euphemisms, be happy with what you have  Being comfortable in the face of death, how can someone make a mental leap to that point New technological ages - space ageCelebrate failure and what it can really meanUrban exploration - exploring forgotten places, modern day relicsFear of the dentist Living with Ingrown toe nails Rainforest's and how its all interconnected, everything works together 
Joy of cooking
Exploring places with my childhood buddies - camp cove, nelson park - jumping off rocks into the ocean, first taste of independence and exploring the world by your own steam  
Staying at georges house and watching kung fu/bruce lee movies and taking sweets from his dad’s mini market (where they lived)
Daintree Rainforest with Sarah, the many levels of it - like a super dense city - Tokyo
Smell of surfboard wax and surfing
Going Camping and all the little things you have to worry about that you never do at home 


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