Insert headline here, here and here.

Insert headline here, here and here. - student project

When creating ads we often use 'placeholder' text to indicate the position, size and visual style of how type will sit on the page and, hopefully, what it will eventually look like. The phrase, "Insert headline here, here and here" is my personal favourite. It means absolutely nothing and would be similar to using 'the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' or 'lorem ipsum dolor'. It just feels so lazy in that no thought is put into writing something better, but it does the job.

I have tried to inject a little bit of life into something that is otherwise so passive and blasé. An attempt at creating contrast between what normally would mean nothing, but visually has it's own 'something'.

It is still a work in progress. A couple scans of the initial steps are below. But I would like to add more depth to things like the shadowing of the seriffed type, and definitely more flourishes around the script type. But it's a start.Insert headline here, here and here. - image 1 - student projectInsert headline here, here and here. - image 2 - student project