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Chris Cambell

Poet - Storyteller - Creative



Insatiably Curious & Always Learning

I'm insatiably curious & always learning. That's the simplest way to introduce myself and excuse the endless questions I'll surely ask if we send more than a few minutes around each other.

The creative work I'm involved in ranges from graphic design, creative writing, photography, web design, social media strategy, and general communication strategy. I've worked for small companies, large organisations, and charities both in a studio environment and as a freelancer.

At the moment I'm working on branding myself and refining how I'm going to efficiently onboard clients, spend less time in the office, and generate passive income through art prints and other product sales.

  1. What am I good at? - Graphic design, creative writing, communication strategy, solving problems
  2. How do I want to spend my days? - During my workday (ideally 6 hours a day, 4 days a week) I'd like a 70/30 split between creative work and people work. What I mean by people work is meetings, phone calls, skype, etc. Creative work is mostly behind a computer screen but in various environments (i.e. coffee shops, etc).
  3. What do I want to produce? - I want to produce design & communication solutions to real world problems. Ideally this would be done in such a way that these solutions could be adapted to double as passive income as well. (i.e. design a poster for a charity event, which then gets altered and sold as an art print) 
  4. How do other people benefit from working with me? - I bring a wide berth of knowledge that often touches on other aspects of their business/work than what they've hired me to do. This gets them thinking about all communication in a more holistic way and can also point them in the right direction as to how they need to invest next. 
  5. How will people find me? - Word of mouth, my website, twitter, dribble, I'll contact them


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