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Lindsay Hartwell

Graphic Designer



Insane Repeats

Taking this class to improve my repeat skills. It took a couple years of trying to figure out how to do repeats properly. Yes, sometimes things take awhile. But I finally got it last week and created some amazing repeats that I'm using on Zazzle, and Spoonflower. I submit regular designs on Society6. If you look at spoonflower, you can see the progression through the years. Savannah Parade (1st image) was a struggle to get to work and I still wasn't sure what I was doing. The geometric patterns (2nd) are from, which is a tool that makes the pattern for you. Then grassland (3rd) was made with trial and error, and not a lot of knowing why some things worked and some didn't. 


Jump to a year later and I made the library (1st below), then the pumpkins(2nd), then in one day I made the koi pond set (3rd). Once I figured it out with the library collection and practiced with more than one shape with the pumpkins, it was on. I made a 16 pattern collection with 5 colorways. I would have made more, but being familiar with professional fabric collections (seamstress), I knew I needed to stop at some point, and, more importantly, that I could stop whenever I wanted.

I was still finding illustrator frustrating and needed to learn more of the tools. I had figured out quite a few on my own, and even more through online classes. But there were some tools those classes didn't even touch. So, I decided that I might not know enough about repeats. There's probably a ton more I can learn. So I took this class.

9/4/14 - I'm halfway through the Illustrator 101 PDF. Working through this class, I'm allowing myself to play without reservation. I have a couple color palettes I'm using, but other than that it's pure chaos. I'm not concerning myself with form or design. I'm just letting the tools do whatever based just on the movements of my pen (wacom intuos tablet). It's kind of liberating to create for the sake of creating. I think a lot of techniques can be learned in the process. Loving this class so far. Not only because I'm learning more about this program that I used to argue with so much 4 years ago, but also because she's explaining tools in a way that I understand. She needs to fix the audio on the intros, but everything else is clear and easy to understand.


The image above is part of the scissors, knife, eraser and shape builder tools lesson. So many ideas just from this play. That knife cutout on top of the shape builder shape is inspiring all by itself. But, trimming lines just became easier and streamlined my workflow. I've been using the pen tool to add a point then deleting the offending line. It's arduous, time consuming, and requires zooming in to rediculous proportions.


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