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Innkeeper Games - student project

 A list of excuses:

- You're not skilled or knowledgeable enough yet.

- You have real work to do.

- You will abandon the project before it's finished.

A list of reasons to continue being creative:

- You'll never be perfect--and you can't edit a blank page. Get started.

- Creativity is real work.

- This will be the time you stick with it--alternatively, if you don't, you'll sure learn a lot along the way.


Oh my goodness, it was so reassuring to hear that it's okay to have a few burners going at once. And that choosing one to ignite first doesn't mean the others need to stay cold.

I filled out my week and day as though I were in a school year, using the schedule I expect for this fall--I have a lot of trouble with time management at school, so that was a very helpful exercise, thanks!

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Isaac Blake
Game programmer