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I really want to make my own color book, but i didn't know how to start it... pattern and mandala...pattern i can try, but mandala.. AND i found this class.... anything i ask for in one class :)

So here my project!

But because i was so excited, i forgot to save per steps... so.. i hope this explain it well...

I  got my sketch, but along the way it looks like my hand have its own mind :)


so its became this


this mandala was divided by 12, so i copy and rotate and reflect till its done.


i expand some line also for the variation .. after that i add the leaf


just 4 of it, so again copy , reflect and rotate


DONE! i.m kidding :)

i color it simple ...


but this is justttttt make me sooo happyyyyyyyyyy so i made many variation, such as

No Outline like so....


also, thick outline like so.. i know this line is too much, but because the expanded line before, i have to make the outline it thicker just to tidy it up.....


And thennn the other idea struck me.... i made bird shape inside the mandala,,


this is SO MUCH fun! Thank you very much for this class now i know what im going to do for my coluring book :)! I am HAPPY!!!! :)


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