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Arantxa López

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Inner Child

Hi everyone!

I joined here skillshare mainly for this class. I've been following Yuko's work for a while now, and when I knew about this class I had to join.

Normally I do not work traditionally that much, just loose sketches with pencil or markers. Nothing so elaborate as to being a "finished" piece.

Here, I started the sketch digitally (those weights are supposed to be planes... yep) :


Then I printed it, and passed the sketch to the paper. Here some progress shots:

I was very afraid at this moment, I think it is more noticeable in the hair and crown. My first try was with watercolor paper, watercolor brushes and indian ink.


Later I tried on some Winsor & Newton cartridge sketch pad (the big one). I was fascinated on how the fluidity of the bush changed with the paper. Really, it was a very nice feeling.


Here is the final ink scanned. I decided to remove the planes because they did not look like planes at all and it would look weird with plane shadows flying. It was done, yay!



I liked it so much I decided to color it digitally. Next is my color sketch and after that my final colored version.



Thank you very much for looking through my project :)


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