Inky, my first kitty

Inky, my first kitty - student project

I did the project with a cat silhouette from and the text, so I needed to make them into a compound shape before clipping. That required the use of "expand" in the type menu. The typeface is from Måns-Grebäck "Bready-demo", and you can test his fonts before you buy for commercial projects. I made the bottom layer a "wet paint" pattern purchased from MEF at Creative Market, which I inverted to make an "inky" pattern. The eyes are also a free image, masked and added as the very top layer. The project was OK, but I thought there was room for improvement.

Inky, my first kitty - image 1 - student project

This morning I had a "do-over". I released the compound shapes to include a frame, and it took a few attempts to get the layers right. If you think logically, you'll find the solution, and this is where Dawid's video shines. He explains well, and then there's nothing like the experience of the project to gain skill.

Instead of leaving the background white, I made the bottom layer the same "wet paint" pattern from MEF, without inverting it. It's lined up with the masked pattern. I think it's a bit more polished, because the inkiness is very dark and the contrast is necessary when the image is small.

Inky, my first kitty - image 2 - student project