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Inky Valentine

Milestone 5: Finished Illustration


Here's the final illustration. I didn't change the color from the previous one, but I guess Skillshare uploader messes up with color sometimes? I had to work around with the vector mask since it wasn't working for me the way it is in the video but fortunately I managed to make everything works. I think I want to change the colors in the future but it is done for now.

I'm very thankful for the amazing class and especially a responsive teacher! I've been wanting to learn to incorporate texture to digital illustration and Tom teaches very clearly so this class is just perfect for that. Also, thank you for everybody who liked, commented, and helped me. You all are amazing!

Milestone 4: Inky Marks



Had too much fun making the textures. I actually made more than what's needed. I used India ink, paint brushes, block printing brayer, and for the lines I used a G pen nib and a Maru pen nib for the lines. 

Milestone 3: Base Illustration


Moved around the composition a little bit to balance things more. This process was quite frustrating to me since the Pen Tool on Photoshop felt less user-friendly than the one on Illustrator. I think my base illustration is a little too complex so I probably will simplify some shapes on the next step. The color somehow looks very different from the actual file, probably because I saved a CMYK file to RGB, but I'm actually liking this one more as it looks more vivid and has that retro feel to it.

Milestone 2: Rough Sketches




Here's some sketches of the ideas I have. I'm leaning to the meerkat, red panda, and the "you annoy me".  I'm struggling with how to make the illustration more complex/stylize it more. So I guess I need a little help on that...

Final-ish Sketch


Decided to go with the annoying monkeys. (SO sneaked a peek at the rough sketch when I wasn't looking and he liked it enough to take a picture of it. The quote itself is actually what I say to him all the time so it's quite fitting for my Valentine? And also because it's the year of the monkey.)

I try to keep the composition quite simple thinking that I would have to balance the brushstrokes for the fur and other details later.

Milestone 1: Brainstorm


1. Animals
Meerkat: on the look out for you
Dog: Will twerk for you
Red panda: you make me red in the face

2. Let’s netflix (and maybe chill)
TV, remote, pizza, blanket/warm socks, beer

3. You annoy me, but I love you
5 faces/people
Making faces, farting, nose picking, tickle monster, mooning?

4. Cuppycake Song
Sugar plum
Sweetie pie
Snoogum boogum

I love puns and silly sayings so I conceptually I love the idea of a silly valentine card. I'm still deciding and sketching the ideas to see which one I enjoy working on more.

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