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Inky Valentine

This is a pinterest board of inspiring ink illustration and art.  Looking at what I truly love it's OFF trend, chaotic, and anti-pretty.

When I make stuff, I like pretty. When I look at stuff,  I can never get enough smearing, dirt, grotty, weird, Steadman-ish offputting content and spatter. I'm also a huge fan of terrible hand lettering and collage with tape. Opposites do attract. (well, my lettering is awful, but anyway)


Do some kind of anti-valentine based on the idea that even gross/strange/underrated animals need love too.

(EG:  Aye-Aye. Roaches. Moray eels. Rats. Jumping Spiders. Hyenas. Naked Mole Rats.)

Jumping spider mating dances with their insane cute robotic moves

Maybe render the weird animal choice in a happy commercially pretty way (or at least Shahn/Warholesque pretty line in mind)

***Experiment with gelli plate ink monoprinted line***

Five items in a small space is a compositional nightmare. I should probably make myself do it anyway.

I've been doing a bouquet of kittens watercolor theme, maybe continue with this idea in ink

five different dogs/cats/fish/birds

Definitely keep coming back to five faces done with variations


Five flowers/floral forms something slightly more generic less offputting

Hm. Sketch time.


my roughs are very rough, but I was into the Aye Aye and Jumping Spider ideas.




I like both and may do both. Of the two, though I'm going to go with the Jumping spider. These are actually a very endearing species, with their do-the-robot mating displays. I ran into a snag trying to make the male's legs do an "e" to spell out love effectively. Rather than solve the drawing problem, I'll just end his attempt in mate predation. Love sucks.


I'm being weird about the process, doing each spider iteration as a separate file and composing them into the postcard.  Here's "L". There'll be some more ink spatter in this final, also.

This is the point where the light bulb goes off over my head and I realize that the process here is perfectly tailored to working the way the examples show, and less tailored to the kind of thing I'm trying to do. Duh. I made myself lay down a little texture scanned as a separate texture rather than a drawing layer done analogue anyway - it's grayish. I've learned HUGELY though about using the channel masks, that's a majorly better way than I've been using black and white as a layer (color select for black, plonk into a layer, change color with colorize - not so good!)


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