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Allie Runnion

illustrator + designer



Inky Valentine | Tools of the Trade: The Equestrian


Here are some inspiration images I gathered for the Inky Valentine Project. After doing some brainstorming I decided I wanted to go with an animal pun/theme. I came up with a silly pun using the word Bee and the slang term "Bae". I thought it would be fun to incorporate some large hand-drawn type. Here is my sketch:


I was a little eager to get started so I moved ahead to blocking everything in and then adding texture. I also added some dotted lines for some visual interest. Here are two color variations — which do you prefer? I'd love any feedback! 






Above is my chosen thumbnail sketch, which I then flushed out a bit further before developing my final illustration. 

This was a fantastic class! Thanks so much for sharing your process, Tom! I am always trying to integrate a more hand-drawn feel to my work although I prefer the flexibility of working digitally. I like to use illustrator for vector work so I did the drawings there and then copied them into photoshop as smart objects which worked great. I created my line work in illustrator with custom brushes I made (from scanned drawings). This gives me a little bit more flexibilty to go back and adjust the shapes slightly if needed. 

I enjoyed making the textures as well. It's a fun challenge coming up with ways of making different types of marks. For the lead rope, I put some ink on a swatch of linen fabric and printed it on paper! 



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