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Inky Illustrations | Be my Valentine!


Hi everybody,

I was a little bit upset when I saw I was too late for the first wave of students for this challenge. Now I'm very happy there is a second one. Tom, thank you very much for this opportunity. 

So, let's show my work process. 

Milestone 1: Brainstorm and some inspiration images.

I've collected some pictures with hand lettering, interesting composition, lovely colors and different love symbols on Pinterest. I love the combination of simple forms and textures. It looks so natural and familiar.  


Then I spent some time making a list with words I can use for my card. I won't use them all, but I always want to have a few options when I'm in the drawing process. Some of the words are very obvious for the Valentine's day card and some words aren't. I like to draw something different than the usual, but I think I need some common love symbols to make my point. And I wrote down some love words and phrases. 


Milestone 2: Create rough sketches

Here they are. I've chosen to make every sketch with another 5 (or less?:) objects. And when I look at them I see clearly that I'm addicted to hand lettering. I just can't draw an illustration without text. Hmm..  


I think I'll choose the sketch with a cupcake for my final illustration. I believe it has the most possibilities for using textures and color combinations.

So, this is all for today. I'll post my next stage in a day or two. Have a nice week everyone!

Milestone 3: Create base illustration

As I thought I chose the sketch with a cupcake. I must confess that I've cheated.:) I just can't use the pen-tool in Photoshop, so I've made this illustration in Illustrator with a blob brush. I've used three different color combinations. All of them have something that I like, but I need to see them with texures to choose the best one.


Next step is making textures. I'm so excited!:)

Milestone 3: Make inky marks and bring into Photoshop

In process.. It was so fun and very dirty fingers:)


And this was a result - a lot of marks. I've been helped by taking of this photo by Tommy:)


I tryed to apply the textures in Photoshop. And I have to say: it works great, but not for this illustration. It's just too complicated and it has so many different objects. And because it was too difficult to use Photoshop, I used Illustrator again. The process of texturing is quite chaotic, but I think you can follow the steps I've made.  


So, this is it. My be it's a little bit too much:), but I like the final illustration. It's very vivid and festive. I've tryed to apply the same technique to the illustration with another color palette. And I like the result as wel. It's not overly sweet as it was. 



Tom, thank you once again for the wanderful challenge! I've learned so much. Thanks everyone who supported me with likes and comments. Guys, it means very much to me! Thank you all! 




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