Inky Dar es Salaam

Inky Dar es Salaam - student project

Hi Tom, 

Thanks for the fun class! 

I was looking at bringing a bit more texture to my digital drawings, and your inky illustrations offered exactly what I was looking for! When working digitally I use Illustrator, so this offered an additional challenge. However, thanks to your course (and a seperate Photoshop introduction course from Skillshare), I am now taking my first steps in Photoshop. 

I recently moved to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in pursuit of my wife's career and leaving my "trade" behind. So rather than doing a "tools of the trade" excercise, I used your techniques to make a postcard of my new home town. 

I started with drawing some objects that I wanted to include and making rough sketches of the composition, adding or removing objects.
Inky Dar es Salaam - image 1 - student project

Once I had a rough outline of my design I made the shapes in Photoshop and made some ink marks on paper. Besides using a pen and brush, I also used a sponge to get the texture on the left.

Inky Dar es Salaam - image 2 - student project

I struggled quite a bit working with channels, but eventually I figured it out, and started applying my ink marks to my layers. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the result. It certainly is way better than any post card I can get over here, though there is still room for improvement. I'm particularly happy with how the pineapple leaves turned out. Looking forward to completing some of your other courses!
Inky Dar es Salaam - image 3 - student project