Inky Clay Tools

Inky Clay Tools - student project

Inky Clay Tools - image 1 - student projectInky Clay Tools - image 2 - student projectInky Clay Tools - image 3 - student projectThank you for the great class, Tom! I'd like to suggest to anyone taking the class, who is not familiar with the pen tool, (like I was) to take Tom's "Pen Tool Wizard" class first. It will save you a lot of guesswork and frustration. I probably spent way too much time on this project but going back and redoing things helped me to embed some keystroke muscle memory in my brain and I'm feeling much more confident now that I've completed the project. I'm excited to move on to your Inky Map class next. Thank you, again, for sharing your skills and knowledge with us, Tom!

Diana Fayt
Clayer, Artist, Educator, Illustrator