Inktober - student project

Day 14

Inktober - image 1 - student project


Day 13

Inktober - image 2 - student project

I forgot to write there, that this recipe is from Jérome Eckmeier.


Day 12

Inktober - image 3 - student project

I use natural cosmetics (except gifts:) ) It smells soo good.


I can imagine myself to use better colors for this prompt. But I use what I have- my dusted markers, which are very happy, that I use them now.

Now I see, that I like flying objects- see last 3 days :)


Day 11

Attempt no.2:

Inktober - image 4 - student project

Attempt no.1:

Inktober - image 5 - student project

This is my attempt to cross my "comfort zone" and to draw less realistic and avoid details. I´m curious where this journey leads.

My favorite "corner" is actually in the middle of room with a lot of daylight.


Day 10 prom pt

Inktober - image 6 - student project



Day 9

Inktober - image 7 - student project

Actually, this is so far first drawing from head.

Nature and meditation are best self care for me. But relaxation with candle, watching comedy and laugh also helps. Sometimes when I don´t feel good inside, I improve myself outside to have better feeling of being inside my skin:)

Day 8

Inktober - image 8 - student project



Day 7

Inktober - image 9 - student project

My favourite cravings, not just current :)

Today I ´ve missed (craved) for some good line marker (except the fine 0,05 line marker Derwent). The other line is made with centropen- not best choise, but at the moment the only one.


Day 6

Inktober - image 10 - student project

I wanted to draw in 2 colours and this time Dylan had 4 I must laugh....but somehow I run of ideas how to use 4 colours in this promt and 2 colours worked for me better.


Day 5

Inktober - image 11 - student project

Most of this mess follows me wherever I go :)

I like colours, but next time I will challenge myself to do things in 2 colours. 


Day 4Inktober - image 12 - student project

This is my latest reading material but also my future reading material, because it´s worth many informations inside.


Day 3Inktober - image 13 - student project

This is my "equipment" for Skillshare.....(line maker)


Day 2Inktober - image 14 - student project

Recently I learned.....that kudzu pudding is healthy and helpful against cold and fever- ideal for autumn weather...and more.


Day 1: Currently listeningInktober - image 15 - student project