Inktober and How to Crush It: Learn to Draw in 31 Days


You are hip. And with the help of this class you will also be happenin'.

We all have creative ability, we just sometimes lack that bit of magic needed to actually begin the creation. This class will help you kickstart your drawing skills by taking part in the 31-day social media event, Inktober(created by Jake Parker). By learning about how to get involved in the art community and post your artwork, you'll feel more confident and your talent and more ready to create again. 

You'll also learn:

-Simple Character Design Techniques

-Basics in Adobe Photoshop

-Other DIY skillz like creating a zine 

-+1 Courage and +1 Charisma to your skillsets(for all you WOW/D&D nuts)

Final Product:

-31 new inked drawings

-a mini art zine

-a new social media following

This class does not require you to have/use Adobe Photoshop or a social media account.



Welcome to Class.

By giving ourselves a product(and not just a project) to finish, we can push ourselves to strengthen our artistic skills. This class will do that in a swaggy way.

Our class project is an experience. Sort of like a fun run or something(lolz). Don't worry, it's going to be real easy.

First: Put that game face on

Second: Using the given Inktober guide or my own creative kickstarters, generate an idea to sketch

Third: Sketch it out or Make it look even better with Photoshop

Fourth: Print and Present on Social Media

Fifth: Prepare it for your art zine

The class will also document my experience with Inktober and working in the art world on social media. You're invited to use this video just as a research about posting your work to social media.Check out inktober.com for more details.


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