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"Cats vs Angels" 12"x12" Done with Microns and a Windsor Newton series 7 for the wings and fills.





This was today's warm up in my sketchbook. The paper is kind of poris so I used a .01 micron on the faceial details and the rest was done with a rafeal #1 brush and black magic ink. be3eb9b4I took some inspiration from Yuko's class and switched up my usual tools.

I filled an empty brush tip copic with black magic india ink and drew this cat with raven wings for my warmup sketch on Friday the 13th. Black magic is a bit watered down these days (it used to be pitch black but they changed the formula back in the 90s but I digress...)

I added in the patchment paper via photo shop to give it a creepy aged effect.

Yuko thanks for doing this class I am loving it!



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