Inking with a Watercolor Twist

Yesterday's creation inspired by the holidays. Watercolors, ink and a little acrylic gold for accenting.



This past summer I was fortunate enough to get the pleasure of visiting New York City for the first time. At one of the entrances to Central Park there was a eye catching display of decorative concrete furniture for people to sit on. I took a photo of the furniture while several people were sitting on it. The lady I painted today was sitting on one of those concrete structures and I really loved her bold style--big hair (white and grey), large floral earrings, bright head wrap, patterned skirt and striped shoes.  I used waterproof ink, watercolors and distress markers for some of the line work (Wish I had sketched this with pencil first but I did not). Couldn't decide on a background wash color so I just left white paper. ae2da470

With the winter season at hand I also felt inspired to paint a snow scene and play around with a "pastelly" blue and pink color palette. I found a picture online of a couple of kids standing around their snow creation:) Those pictures brought back wonderful childhood memories of playing in the snow with my family.  To make the painting my own I omitted one of the children and the house in the background and changed some of  the colors.  I replaced the house with what I'm calling a wintery magic swirl background just for fun (saw a similar swirl in an art piece where gouache was used:) Used waterproof ink pens (went a little crazy with those..oops), watercolor and pulled out a gouache pan set for the first time on this painting. The gouache set only has mostly primary colors so I got some color mixing practice in on this project;) Enjoyed getting to leaving a lot of white space open on the paper. Fun times!



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