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Chris V

Artist, Designer, Maker



Inking with a Color Twist


I am so happy to have published my 10th class yesterday!  I love the class production process more and more each time.  So I had loads of fun with this one which focuses on inking with watercolor accent.  I would love some feedback as I am still in the forest for the trees stage.  : )




I hope you're having great day!!!  I have been working on this new class for a while, so I am so excited to publish Watercolor Treasures of the Sea today.  Yay!!!  It's currently a free class and will be free for at least the first week.  The projects range from beginner to intermediate to advanced, so there is something for everyone.  It's a fun theme to do with your kids as well as creating framable or scanable art.  Or just paint to relax.  After all, what's more inspiring than the ocean?  I'd love your feedback too! Please swing by and check it out.  

Look forward to see you there.  ; )

Chris V


Here's my newest class Line Drawing- The Power of Suggestion.  Feedback welcome!  : )


Really enjoyed sharing Painting the Universe- Pinwheel Galaxy, a digital painting adventure in space!


Hi All!!!  I finally got my class published today Painting the Universe Part 1.  It's the first of about 3-4 classes about my study on painting stars, planets, moons and nebulae.  I had some serious video uploading issues but somehow got it done in time to publish today.  This is a new concept class for me so I would love some feedback from you guys!  If you could swing by and check it out I would so appreciate it.  : )


Just uploaded my new class Design your Smartphone Case!  Super excited to have a new class published and definitely pumped to get the next one started.  : )

Handcrafted Jewelry: Making a Sweetheart Ring 

2/28  I gained 8 students this week. I am still stuck at 23 students since I am now past the 2 weeks since I first published my class.  It shows that my students were primarily coming from within Skillshare and now that I am not trending, my enrollment has fallen off.  I am doing the same social networking and am continuing to merchandise my class, so I will just keep it going until I get there.  Today I posted on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr and Pinterest again with one of my illustrations this time and again with a new photo view of my class.  I have been changing the photos up and changing my tags daily to keep the interest coming in.  Still gaining new followers on the the social networks so that is progress and creating awareness for Skillshare in general.  I will continue my class project in Eric's "Engaging Your Student Following" class.  Thanks for all of the great help!  Here is a link to my Instagram today:

2/27  I still have my class in FREE mode.  It's the first day I didn't gain at least 1 student.  : (  I'm at 23 so just need 2 more.  I can do it!!!  I posted 2ce on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr and 1ce on Pinterest today.  Will keep it going as I am gaining new followers every day.  Here is are my 2 Instagram posts from earlier:

2/26  I gained another student to reach 23 today!  I have a very small network so super excited to be almost to 25 so my class can trend.  Added a few notes to some of my class videos for students to read.  I also posted message going out to all of my students about the resources I added to my about page. Posted 2ce to Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and 1ce to Pinterest.

2/25  Created my second ever GIF today and posted it on Vine, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram.  Someone else I know found it and favorited it.  My acquaintences seem jazzed that I am teaching on Skillshare now!  ; )

2/24  Today I posted 2 different pics of my class on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and 1 on Pinterest.  I also worked on a short video I am editing to add to my Vine and YouTube.  Also, started my class project.  Hopefully it will motivate some students to start posting a project of their own.  Additionally, I updated my About section with some resources they can use to purchase tools and materials.  Here is a Pinterest post from today.

2/23/16  Joining the workshop for a 2nd week.  I feel my class is still lacking without a class project, notes in my videos and resources in the about section, so I am ready to tackle that stuff this time around.  I am up to 19 students today in my class so I am really close to the trending amount of 25.  Looking forward to getting there!  Today I posted on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumbler. Someone I know saw the Instagram post and is asking how to join the class.  : )  Hoping she enrolls this week.





2/21/16  I have been erasing my posts daily, and now I wonder if I was supposed to keep adding?  Sorry if I shorted my project workspace but I did all of the assignments daily.  I am happy to ad my posts back on if that's the case! 

I don't know what I would have done without this workshop... I was skeptical at first, but when I read that the workshop sucess rate was so high, I decided to take the plunge.  Now I am up to 15 students and I still have 6 days to go before the first 2 weeks of my class are complete.  I feel more confident everyday that I can get to 25 students for my class to trend despite my small following.

I only have 2 likes and no projects in yet but my project requires some purchases so I hope to see some posts to the project gallery soon.  All of the social networking I have done seems to really have helped though most of the enrollments seem to be from within Skillshare. I'm going to keep up the social networking going forward and keep building my resources. Because of this workshop, I am new to Vine and YouTube and I have created my first GIF. It's really been fun and exciting to grow my skill set during this process!  

I can't say enough about the Skillshare community. The support and comraderie I experienced was essential in getting me this far. It was so helpful to see the other projects that I learned so much from. Megan and Eric's classes have been invaluable.  Can't wait to do more of them.  Thanks to all of you!

I am motivated to keep the momentum going, so I'm off to do some more social networking!  ; )


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