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Inking & Watercolour Secrets of Interior Sketching

Hi, I'm just in a process of editing, and I did manage to finish my introduction video, this time my class is about watercolour sketching and I would like to get some feedback, could I improve something about it.

Introduction video
Update: Class Published Inking & Watercolour Secrets of Interior Sketching

I know I do see it differently then a new pair of fresh eyes, so I really appreciate all the feedback I could get. I would like to be this class a little sorter project then the rest of my classes are, because I will admit, it's hard to get new students in to my classes. My main focus for the introduction video was to show the process and end sketches, to maybe make an impression, that this is fun and easy class to do.


I will continue with my plans for the class, and if you have time to watch my intro, thanks a lot, I appreciate it, and leave me a comment, what could I improve, for this class or for the next one.
Have a nice creative week, Mik


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