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Lidija Miklavcic

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Inking & Watercolour Secrets of Interior Sketching

Inking & Watercolour Secrets of Interior Sketching

Update2: I made a new class cover too...


Update1: Just publish my new class, yey, and this time I have topic, that even before I did start doing all the promotions stuff that I usually do, I did get 5 students already. I'm freaking happy, of course.
So I wish and hope that this will be my first really trendy class. I mean I should start doing trendy classes by now, right?


I'm not sure for the cover yet, maybe I will need to change it, but this is the project I'm showing it in a class. I did plan to present how easy and exited it is to draw an interior sketch with ink and watercolor.
Inking & Watercolour Secrets of Interior Sketching

Join me there and help me get somewhere....I mean in this class we will travel on to a Loft Rooftop ....could you imagine to being there, and reading or talking with a friend?
Promises it's a nice view from there.

And as always have a nice and creative day, Mik

Free Motion Doodle Stitch or Painted and Stitched Surface Design

3a07ecb2 ... my first published class.

I did learn a lot in the process of doing it. But now that I did see this class here, I see I still don't know much. So the hard part marketing is still waiting on me.

I did share the class on my Instagram, FB, Twitter, and even Pinterest and because it's a sewing style of project like DIY type, I did share it also on my account on BurdaStyle and Craftsy platform....but you know how it is, it's just a little chance to be seen.

I will try to improve my tags for the class, and I did place it temporary for free.
The big question with my class is; is it even interested on this Platform where everything is more design oriented and not so much DIY stuff.

What I did make good I think is that this is my short class so I will get more experienced for the next one.
PS I'm not sure for my cover photo (there is just a face close up, and the photo with three inside is better described the final product, but I actually do teach the process of making it, so it is not the must to use it for this project.
I need to think about how to better describe the class description, and then I don't have any more ideas how to get new students.
All the suggestions or even class enrolment are welcome. Thanks and have a nice day, Mik


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