Inking On

Hi, everyone.

I started this project by outline my own Shading / Patterns and Textures worksheets, as my printer wouldn't cooperate with me. The result was nothing like Yasmina's, however, it served it's purpose, I suppose. The Shading one was pretty challeging for me and, in the end, I felt like I needed a bit more practice, despite being off on a good start!



Then, I moved on to the Mark Making Exercise:


And, finally, I used a few of the techniques we learned in the final drawings.



For the most part of this project, I used only a few drawing pens by FaberCastell (they are a bit cheaper and easier to find where I live) and by Sakura (plus a brush pen), drawing ink (for drafting and tracing paper) by Staedtler and a few brushes from different brands. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! I must confess that Mark Making Exercise was my favourite, and I just loved tipping my fingers into ink.


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